(Almost) Crying Over Spoiled Milk

Tuesday morning, I woke up in a panic.

I realized that the day before, I had come home from picking up the baby at daycare, set my bags down, and went upstairs… without putting away my precious, precious cargo (other than the baby): two full 5-ounce bottles of freshly expressed milk.

I lay in bed on Tuesday morning, eyes wide, panicking. All that work for nothing — that’s 30-40 minutes’ worth of pumping and enough milk for one full day of daycare. But by this point, it was too late; the ice pack would surely be melted, the milk warm and spoiled.

Whoever said “Don’t cry over spilled milk” didn’t have to pump that milk from her own body.

BUT! When I went downstairs and opened the freezer, this is what I found:

frozen expressed breastmilk

All my worry was for naught, because I have an amazing husband who had the forethought to put the bottles in the freezer on my behalf when I got home on Monday while I was upstairs caring for the baby.

I sighed with relief. Close call.

And another big THANK YOU to my wonderful husband.

Luckily this time the story ended well, but it kills me every time I have to pour out spoiled milk. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I’ll have an extra ounce or two in the refrigerator that eventually goes bad before it ever gets to the freezer. It’s such a precious commodity — I can only produce so much at a time — I absolutely hate to let it go to waste. Have you ever had to toss out breastmilk?


4 thoughts on “(Almost) Crying Over Spoiled Milk

  1. Yay for great husbands! I tried pumping for my first while I was still working on my degree but he would never take the bottle, he would wait for me to get home, so more often than not I would have to dump out the bottles when I got home which was really discouraging after all that hard work of pumping it for him. Luckily I get to stay home with number two and don’t have to worry about it. Good luck momma, you are doing a great thing for your little guy!

  2. It has been a long, long time, but I do remember having to do that on a rare occasion …a horrible memory that I had repressed!! Thanks for resurrecting it…it was a timely reminder for me to make sure I help Natalie in those early weeks as she adjusts to the rigors of breast feeding, which is worth every precious moment!

    • Worth it for sure! I recommend reading my other breastfeeding posts as well. I had a tough time at the beginning but believe its worth powering through (and aim to encourage others to do the same)! Now I cherish our time together at each feeding.

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