Retro Post: Finding Out We Were Pregnant

Retro Posts: The baby is now a few months old, but there are several subjects that I want to be sure to record in this little blog. I’ll be posting ‘retro posts’ like this to make sure everything is covered.

We found out we were pregnant on May 2, 2011. The following is transcribed from my journal entry dated May 7, 2011.

“Five days ago, I found out that I am pregnant. I was pretty stunned… which explains (kind of) why I’m a little tardy in recording my thoughts. Here’s what happened:

“It had been a normal Monday. I teleworked but wasn’t feeling very well. I ate saltines & cheddar for lunch, but I figured it was probably cabin fever — I just needed to get out of the house. When D got home, we decided to go to dinner at a local pizza restaurant. I was feeling fine until suddenly, halfway through my slice of cheese and after a small Greek salad, I felt really awful. We picked up my car from our friends’ house (it was there after weekend festivities) and headed home. I asked D to stop at the grocery store for a couple of things, though — among them, pregnancy tests. I stopped taking birth control at the end of February, so I figured, ‘better safe than sorry.’

“As soon as D got home, I tried taking a test, but it didn’t seem to work, so I left it on the counter with the intention of trying again later when I needed to pee. [I figured I just hadn’t gotten enough pee on the stick.] D and I spent the evening playing a video game (Little Big Planet, for the record), and he got up to go to the bathroom after about an hour. The next thing I hear — ‘Sweetie…?!’ He emerged, test in hand — it was positive! I took another… definitely not a fluke. [D still gloats that he’s one of the few men who got to tell his wife she’s pregnant.]

positive pregnancy tests

“We were both stunned. We had talked about having kids in the (somewhat) near future, but we certainly hadn’t been trying (though we weren’t doing much to prevent it, either). I immediately called my parents and sister and D called his — everyone was absolutely thrilled.”

Side note: My mom still talks about how when I called her that first night, I just kept saying, “I don’t know what to do. What do I do?” I was seriously speechless and shocked. It took a few days to process it all…

“The next morning, I called the doctor and they drew my blood to confirm the pregnancy and to see how far along I was. After two days (my mom and I were going crazy), I heard from the doctor’s assistant — I was 8 weeks along. [This was actually incorrect — keep reading.] After work, we called grandparents, then told our close friends. No one else knows yet — still keeping things quiet until the first trimester is over. [Ha!]”

Here’s another journal entry, about my first prenatal exams. As I mentioned above, the original fetal age that they gave me was incorrect, as they found out…

“Wednesday, May 11 [9 days after that first pregnancy test, for those of you keeping track], Momma came up to go with me to my first ‘exam’ … though it was really just an ultrasound with a nurse practitioner. Nevertheless, it was pretty incredible — I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time! D tried to get there but was unable (and really bummed he missed it), but at least my mom was there to share it with me.

“The ultrasound ended up bringing more questions than answers, though. My last period was March 8 (I had been on b.c.), putting me at 9 weeks, technically. But the fetus was measured at just 1.11 cm & 130 bpm, both of which would be normal for 7.5 weeks — not 9! We set up another ultrasound for 2 weeks later to make sure things were on track and that I simply ovulated later than expected. They drew my blood (again — 2nd time [and certainly not the last]) and I got a call on Tuesday that the doctor wanted to see me Wednesday instead (moved up my appointment by a week). D was bummed again that he wouldn’t be able to be there, but the doctor let me record the ultrasound/heartbeat on my phone for him.

8 week old fetus

“Good news — the baby grew as expected this week — now 1.5 cm with heartbeat in the 170s! Amazing what can happen in a week… and she gave me an official due date: 12/28/11 [the baby ended up being 4 days early].

“Turns out I must have ovulated late after all — the doctor put me at 8 weeks on the dot this time.

“We had planned to wait until after the first trimester to go public, but now that I had a due date, I wanted to tell people! I posted the latest sonogram on Facebook and Twitter and was congratulated by tons of friends. 🙂 This baby is already very loved!

“As for symptoms, I’m having more good days than bad. I count myself very lucky! I’m not able to eat a ton at once, and I get tired super early (most nights)… and there are days that I feel nauseated from morning to night… but overall, very manageable!”

My symptoms early on were few, but I did experience a little nausea (but only got sick once — 5/10, at work. ugh!) and craved steak like crazy for the first few weeks, which is (or was) unusual for me. (My pregnancy cravings for sweets and meats have stuck… maybe they’ll disappear when I stop breastfeeding?) I was also extremely tired during the first trimester. I would be in bed by 9 (D insists it was 7) or earlier every night, and sitting on the couch usually turned into sleeping on the couch very quickly.

I am so grateful to have gotten pregnant so easily and also to have had such an easy pregnancy, including a quick and easy delivery.  I didn’t know it at the time, but J is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me!


2 thoughts on “Retro Post: Finding Out We Were Pregnant

  1. Oh yes to bed by 7. Unless you have ever been pregnant, it is so hard to describe that sense of utter exhaustion! “Tired” didn’t really describe it for me.

    And your mom reminding you about what you said made me laugh. We were trying, and got pregnant the first try. And event hen, I was like, how did this happen??

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