Testing Out the Pitch and Volume Levels

J has discovered that his voice can do a lot more than coo. He’s starting to sound like he’s warming up for a theatre performance. (His parents were both theatre majors in college, so maybe it runs in the family.)

A few of the sounds he is likely to make these days:

  • Aaaah, Ooooh (and other vowel sounds, with some consonants thrown in occasionally)
  • Guh, Goo (and a few other accidental consonants)
  • Blowing raspberries while humming in a high-to-low pitch curve (loudly)
  • Screaming.

The screams are pretty new. A few days ago, he discovered that not only can he squeal — he can also scream. Bloody murder. Except — they’re happy screams! Despite the way they sound, he’s always (well, usually) smiling when he does it.

His favorite places to scream are restaurants (the quieter the better) and at the dinner table. What is it about food that makes my baby scream? I hope this doesn’t mean teaching table manners will be difficult…

Today when I picked him up from school, his teachers told me he “was very loud today.” I said, “You mean, he was screaming?” “Yes, screaming! Lots of screaming! But he was not upset. Just screaming and laughing.”

Typical. Should I be comforted that it’s not just around us…?

I think he’s pretty fascinated by his newfound voice. And really, who can blame him (other than the people sitting in the next booth)? It is pretty incredible what we can do with our voices. It’s so fun to watch him discover the little things about life that we take for granted.


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