Easy DIY Ribbon Pacifier Strap

With temperatures in the triple digits, we’re avoiding going outside (except for a short excursion to the pool), so I decided it’d be a good weekend to try out a couple of crafts!

J requires a pacifier, but he doesn’t like to keep it in his mouth all the time — only when he’s very tired. So a pacifier strap quickly became a necessity. We bought one at Target, but it was such a simple concept, it seemed silly to spend $6 on it. After a couple of months, it’s gotten pretty filthy, and the clip is starting to lose its spring… But rather than drop another $6 on a new one, I used that money for enough supplies to make several on my own!

This would make a great addition to a baby shower gift basket, or you could clip it onto the outside of another gift. It took about five minutes (once the ribbon was sealed), which is handy when you’re a new mom and your entire life revolves around baby’s napping schedule.


  • 1 foot grosgrain ribbon (length can be adjusted to your needs)
  • 2 sets of snaps
  • 1 suspender clip (I had to go to a fabric store to find these — my craft store didn’t have them.)
1. Seal the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying. I used a thin layer of mod podge, but you could also melt the ends with a flame or use clear nail polish.
2. Secure the snap back near the edge of the ribbon, and the snap insert about an inch away. Make sure the studs are on the outside of the ribbon, and that there’s enough room between your snaps that the suspender clip and/or pacifier will fit.
3. Repeat with the other snap on the other end of the ribbon. You should see 4 snap studs, all on the same side of the ribbon.
4. Slide the suspender clip onto one end and secure snap.
5. Slide the pacifier ring onto the other end, and secure the snap. Secure to baby’s clothing using the suspender clip, and enjoy!

(As you can see, the green one is a bit shorter… I flattened the snap on the first attempt and had to cut it off. Be sure to follow instructions on the snap packet before hammering. Ha!)

Here’s the little man enjoying one of his new pacifier straps! He looks so pitiful and sleepy in this picture. The heat wave is making us all rather languid!

I’m not much of a crafter, but this one was super easy. If you try it out, please share your pictures and tips! And do you have any ideas of better/easier-to-find fasteners than suspender clips?


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