First Attempt at Solid Food

We celebrated J’s six-month birthday today by introducing solid foods!

This morning when he woke up, I nursed him. Then about an hour or so later, he was still awake and alert, so we decided to try cereal. I warmed up some expressed breastmilk and mixed it into some Gerber rice cereal — 1 Tbsp cereal to 5 Tbsp milk, per the instructions on the box. J sat in the high chair and Daddy filmed while I fed him the concoction… And it did not go over quite as I had planned. J made lots of “yucky” faces — it looked to me like he did not enjoy the taste. He kept turning away from the spoon and letting every bit of the cereal run back out of his mouth and down his chin.

So cereal was a no-go… Maybe he would like something with a different taste. Some of my facebook friends recommended avocado, which made total sense to me. It’s very nutritious, has lots of good fats, requires no cooking, and is mushy by nature… not to mention I’m a fan of it myself! D bought a few very ripe avocados (perfectly soft and tasty!), and I mashed one up for J while we were cooking our own dinner. Guess what… same reaction. Yucky faces, pushing away the spoon, spitting it all out…

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised — eating solids is a totally new experience for him, since he’s done nothing but drink from a breast or bottle all his six-month life. But I thought maybe since I was waiting until six months, he would be a little more… ready and willing.

I’ve done a little reading on baby led weaning, and I think it’s a very cool concept — but I’m honestly a bit nervous to try this method since I have such a strong gag reflex (my parents had many a choking scare when I was a kid), and I’m fairly certain that I’ve passed that on to J…

Luckily, tomorrow is J’s six-month appointment with the pediatrician, so I’m going to ask for her guidance. I’m thinking we’ll wait a few days before we try anything again. I feel certain that he’ll love the sweet fruit purees (who wouldn’t?!), but I want to make sure he’s eating his vegetables first.

Any advice on starting solids?


4 thoughts on “First Attempt at Solid Food

  1. It’s probably the new consistency and the unaccustomed taste that turns J off. You might try giving him 1 bite about 3 times a day for him to get used to it rather than leaving it off.

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