Products I Love: Baby Transportation

My baby is super easy-going, and has been since he was about two weeks old. (That first week was tough…) He’s all smiles, except when he’s really tired. Unfortunately, he does not like the baby swing. We tried and tried to get him to like it, but from the beginning (and even now), he does nothing but cry when we put him in it.

Backwards, I know. And poor us. -_-;;

Most moms I talk to say that the swing was the only thing that could settle their fussy newborns in those first few months. Even our mothers said the same about both of us. But we found out very quickly that newborn Baby J was only happy when he was held. Don’t get me wrong — I love holding my baby — but there were things to do around the house… I needed a hands-free option to put him to sleep while still allowing me to do my household chores (and to save my weary arms).

Babywearing, of course, has lots of benefits, so even when I was pregnant, I did my research on babywearing devices. For instance, I knew to stay away from slings that could cause suffocation. (Please be careful and do your research before buying or using a carrier!)

I started with the Sleepy Wrap (now called the Boba Wrap I believe).


  • Very comfortable for me
  • Baby J was nice and snug, and he would fall asleep (and stay that way)… most of the time. (see cons)
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to store


  • Since it’s a wrap that can be tied in multiple ways, I don’t think it was ever on me in exactly the same way. There were many times that Baby J was uncomfortable and would fuss/cry until I took it off and readjusted.
  • Kind of a pain to put on/take off, which is a problem early on when you’re constantly breastfeeding.

My husband used the Cybex 2.Go carrier (which we won in a silent auction), and Baby J did very well in it. I can’t speak to its comfort since I’ve never used it… But I knew I wanted a true baby carrier with more structure than the wrap gave me. And so, I went shopping.

I started out with the Mamas & Papas Morph carrier, but neither Baby J nor I found it comfortable at all. It looked like a great option because the harness and the carrier were separate, making it easy to load/unload the baby. But therein lies the problem — remember how Baby J likes physical contact (hence the swing issues)? Well, in this carrier he was somewhat separated from me — I suspect that was why he hated it so much. (And truthfully, I didn’t like the separation either.)

So we went back to the store and exchanged it for the ErgoBaby Organic — and we’ve never looked back! I knew that Emily of the Daily Garnish uses her Ergo all the time. (Side note: I love her blog, even though I’ve never met her. Her baby is 2 months older than mine, so it’s been fun to read about her pregnancy and parenting adventures!)


  • Soft and comfy for both me and Baby J
  • Built-in hood makes it easy to shield the baby from the sun/rain
  • Padded shoulder straps and waist belt make it easy on the back
  • Can use until baby is 45 pounds
  • Front, Back and Hip carry positions (though I’ve only used the front position)


  • No front-facing position
  • Can be difficult to buckle in the back without help… but it can be done.

I don’t really walk around the house while wearing the baby now that he sleeps in his crib, but I like to use the ErgoBaby when we go grocery shopping or when we are going out but don’t have room to pack the stroller.

Speaking of which… we’ve been very happy with our stroller. It’s another silent auction purchase, so we got a great deal on it. (My husband is so proud of it!) It’s the Inglesina Zippy. I have absolutely nothing to compare this stroller to, but I have no complaints.


  • Good steering control
  • Rear “window” allows me to see the baby even when the hood is up
  • Seat reclines to lying position (very handy with a newborn)
  • Folds up and out very easily


  • Drink holder won’t hold anything but a water bottle. (first world problems, I know.)
  • No built-in infant head-holder. (We used a separate one.)
  • Heavy and somewhat bulky
  • Doesn’t work with our car seat — it’s a stand-alone stroller. (both a pro and a con)

We don’t use the stroller all that often, other than on walks around the neighborhood, excursions to the park/farmer’s market, trips to the mall, etc. It’s nice to have both the baby carrier and the stroller for different situations.

And tomorrow we’ll (finally) be getting a new mode of baby/family transportation — my new car! 😀


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